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Learning for Life Programme (LLP)


As the Music Satellite to the East Zone Centre of Excellence for Creative Arts, PRCS believes in providing a quality music education for Crestians to nurture their interest and talent in the Aesthetics. The learning of music supports the holistic development of students, allowing them to discover and express themselves as well as to strengthen their character.

  • The school’s Learning for Life Programme seeks to develop Crestians in the following:

    • Learning of musical knowledge and skills - to equip all students with a range of music skills to encourage them to pursue music as an interest beyond their school days.
    • Learning of values and life skills through learning music and performance - To develop core life skills and competencies anchored in values to enable students to be a self-disciplined persons and leaders.
    • Using music to serve and help others - To inspire students’ spirit of volunteerism and empathy; to be conscious of one self’s potential and be empowered to contribute to the betterment of others.


The Learning for Life Programme is broad based in design to develop ALL students holistically and delivered as level programmes for Secondary 1, 2 and 3. It consists of 3 main parts:

Part 1: Learning of Music for growth (Lower Secondary)

All Crestians will be taught 3 musical instruments; Keyboard and Guitar/Ukulele (individual musical instrument) at secondary one and Xylophone (ensemble performance) at secondary two. The learning of each musical instrument span across a semester comprising of at least 15 hours of music lessons taught by our own Music Teachers.

Part 1: Learning of Music for growth - 01

Crestians will also spend a semester to learn music arrangement through ICT tools such as Garage Band. Selected enrichment programmes such as percussion workshops and attending external musical performances will also be organised to expose Crestians to different musical experiences.

Part 1: Learning of Music for growth - 02

All Crestians will acquire basic music skills to perform simple musical pieces and to create/arrange their own music. They would be assessed holistically with a grading system incorporating feedback on their performance.

Part 1: Learning of Music for growth - 03

Part 2: Deepening the Learning of Music to serve (Upper Secondary)

The Upper Secondary programme will infuse music learning and performance as part of the Crestians’ Values-In-Action Project.
A 20-hour level programme provide the opportunity for students to work as a class to plan and conceptualise their VIA project and to apply creatively the musical skills learnt in lower secondary to enhance their quality of their project.
With guidance from Music Teachers/Home Tutors, Crestians will plan and decide their VIA activities. Crestians could choose to deliver live performances at community/school-based events, e.g. National Education events, create musical pieces in songs or videos to advocate awareness towards specific social concerns, share the joy of music with others through teaching music to the young or underprivileged, etc.

Part 2: Deepening the Learning of Music to serve - 01

The authentic learning experience for Crestians to create meaningful outcomes with their musical skills will inspire Crestians’ spirit of volunteerism. This is in line with the school’s goal to develop Crestians to become active and concerned citizens, paving the way for them to embark on a life long journey of active learning and helping others.

Part 3: Promoting learning and appreciation of music through different platforms

To sustain a positive and vibrant school culture where students can enjoy music, the school would continue to organise different school-based events to promote the learning of musical skills and support the development of Crestians in the aesthetics.
The events include Crestians Got Talent where talented Crestians showcase their musical talent, regular recess outdoor performances, practice sessions for aspiring musicians to express and share their love for music, master classes for students pursuing the GCE ‘O’ Level Music, and the annual Cheering Competition for classes to unleash their creativity to compose cheers based on school values and to enhance their class identity.

Part 2: Deepening the Learning of Music to serve - 02

The school’s Performing Arts CCAs include Symphonic Band, Chinese Instrumental Orchestra, Choir, Guzheng, Drama and Modern Dance which enable students with musical talents/interest to purse their talents/interests and further develop their musical abilities. Specialised training will be provided for the various Performing Arts CCAs. Opportunities are also provided to participate in competitions or public performance.

Part 2: Deepening the Learning of Music to serve - 03