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Character and Citizenship Education


Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) at PRCS

At PRCS, we believe that every student can learn and achieve, and that every student is good and has the capacity to care for others.

Our vision is to nurture Crestian Overcomers.

The Crestian Overcomer is one who embodies the school values and has strength of character to pursue and realise challenges in life.

To achieve this, we aim to equip students with the necessary competencies to meet future challenges in the 21st century, which are aligned to the school’s 5 desired student learning outcomes.

Active and Engaged Learner 
Innovative Problem-Solver 
Effective Communicator 
Self-Disciplined and Responsible Leader 
Active and Concerned Citizen with Global Awareness 

PRCS Co-Curriculum Framework

At PRCS, we customise our co-curriculum and school programmes to meet our student development needs in the three major domains of Character, Citizenship and Leadership Development.

PRCS Co-Curriculum Framework Chart

PRCS CCE Approach

The school adopts our own 4A approach to the delivery of the CCE co-curriculum. We aim to develop moral awareness and attitude through explicit teaching, and provide opportunities for students to take actions and exercise autonomy to demonstrate good character. 

Through the CCE curriculum, students are equipped with the knowledge and skills, and instilled with school values to guide them in their behaviour. Opportunities are provided for them to not only demonstrate the desirable behaviour but to also lead and mentor others in doing what is good and right.

National Youth Achievement Award

National Youth Achievement Award (Bronze and Silver): An Overview
NYAA Image - 01NYAA Image - 02
NYAA Image - 03NYAA Image - 04
NYAA Image - 05NYAA Image - 06

The NYAA Programme serves as a platform for our students to be equipped with the skills to develop and maximise their potential. We believe that our NYAA programme plays an important part in bringing out the overcomer in every student.

The bronze award participants start their Physical Recreation programme at the end of their Secondary One year. The students participate in our niche sport, fencing. Under the introductory fencing programme, students learn fencing footwork, basic sparring, offensive and defensive strategies, and basic umpiring skills.

In Secondary Two, the students go on to learn basic keyboard, xylophone and guitar skills through our school’s music programme for the Skills section of NYAA programme. The music programme aims to develop their interest in the learning and playing of these instruments.

For the Adventurous Journey section, the students participate in a 3-day-2-night outdoor adventure camp at a local campsite. The camp helps our students to gain confidence, build their resilience through stretching beyond their mental and physical limits, and boost qualities of teamwork, self-reliance and perseverance.

Under the Service section, the students contribute 15 hours of service through the planning and executing of a fund raising project during the Racial Harmony Day Carnival to raise funds for charitable children organisations under the Community Chest.

Under the silver award programme, the participants take the initiative to start their own 30-hour physical recreation programme, learning different sports such as badminton and kayaking. In addition, the students also participate in a 3 days-2-nights outdoor expedition at an overseas campsite. Students also serve 30 hours of service on their own accord by contributing to various organizations through community work.

Level Camps

Level Camps: An Overview

Level Camps serve the larger purpose of a holistic education, inculcating school values, SEL competencies and important lifeskills through outdoor activities. At PRCS, every student participates in the Level Camps during the last three days of Term 1.

The Secondary 1 students attend the Level Camp that is conducted in school. The students take part in team-building activities such as amazing race, tent-pitching, putting up performances and creating mascots for the campfire, and a night walk around the school compound.

At the Secondary 2 Level Camp, students demonstrate self-leadership in overcoming obstacles and going out of their comfort zone through the adventure journey. The main focus of the camp is to develop peer-leadership competencies and relationship management skills.

The highlight for the Secondary 3 students is the overseas Level Camp. The whole cohort is brought to a campsite located in one of our neighbouring countries. Not only do they develop resilience and teamwork by taking part in mountain trekking activities, they also reach out to the overseas community through a VIA programme.

The main purpose of the Secondary 4 and 5 Level Camp is to help the students find ways in handling challenges they may face in their graduating and post-secondary years. Their Level Camp thus consists of activities such as motivational talks, workshops for cultivating effective studying habits, and career guidance activities, such as the Amazing Race.

Crestians Speak

Secondary 1 Level Camp 2017

The school held the Sec 1 level camp in March this year. This camp focused on team building among students, class bonding, training us to be self-disciplined and confident Crestians through games. Most importantly, this level camp aimed to instill PRCS’ school values in us. One of the activities I took part in was the Amazing Race at Pasir Ris Park, which was very enjoyable. I remembered that in one of the games my class took part in, all of us had to form pairs so that each pair could fill a pail with water that came from a cup which was dripping. We either transported the cup cheek-to-cheek, shoulder-to-shoulder or wrist-to-wrist. This game required a lot of teamwork and I felt that my class did great. After this whole camp, I personally thought that my classmates became closer to one another. If we did not have this camp, we might still be a very cold, distant class. I now know that my class will always have each other’s backs. This was a memorable camp and we made great memories together.

Choo Jun Ning Janelle
Class 1/7 (2017)

Sec1 Camp 2017 - Image 01Sec1 Camp 2017 - Image 02
Sec1 Camp 2017 - Image 03
Sec1 Camp 2017 - Image 01Sec1 Camp 2017 - Image 04
Sec1 Camp 2017 - Image 05
Sec1 Camp 2017 - Image 06
Sec1 Camp 2017 - Image 07Sec1 Camp 2017 - Image 08Sec1 Camp 2017 - Image 09

Secondary 2 Level Camp

My experience at the Secondary 2 level camp was amazing! I got to know my classmates better and bonded with them.  Although we did not get to sleep in tents, I still had a good experience.  The camp showed us to be caring to one another, for example by helping them to carry the heavy kayaks from campsite to Pasir Ris beach.  It got heavier after we kayaked.  I enjoyed the most in the camp was performing during the campfire.  It was the best night ever!  Everyone jammed to all the songs that were played.  All the activities during the camp was fun especially the amazing race.  It was very challenging as everyone in my team had to play a part.  All in all, it was the best camp I have ever been to. 

Ayuni Aisyah Bte Anuar 2/1 (2017)

The Secondary 2 level camp was truly an enjoyable and unforgettable experience for me.  It really pushed me to step outside my comfort zone and try to work well with others, which was a challenge to me.  Almost all activities such as campfire, Amazing Race, kayaking etc required my classmates and I to work well together. This really deepened the bond between us and I believe that my class had become more united after going through camp together.   

Overall, it was a good experience and it has helped me grow in many aspects.  Many memories, both good and bad, were made during the camp but they are memories that I hold close to my heart and would continue to cherish. 

Megan Koh 2/4 (2017)

Sec2 Camp 2017 - Image 01
Sec2 Camp 2017 - Image 02
Sec2 Camp 2017 - Image 03
 Sec2 Camp 2017 - Image 04 Sec2 Camp 2017 - Image 05Sec2 Camp 2017 - Image 06 
 Sec2 Camp 2017 - Image 07 Sec2 Camp 2017 - Image 08Sec2 Camp 2017 - Image 09 
Sec2 Camp 2017 - Image 10
Sec2 Camp 2017 - Image 11
Sec2 Camp 2017 - Image 12

Secondary 3 Level Camp

After my OBS camp, many asked “was it challenging?”. I would say, “challenging and tough” is an understatement. OBS is unpredictable. It gets torturous when you are fasting as well. A 5-day course such as OBS is truly an experience as I am given the chance to interact with others including those from elite schools such as Raffles Institution. 

There were so many things that I have learnt but if you were to ask for my greatest takeaway, it would be resilience. OBS is not just about you or me. It is about being in a team. You learn how to work as a team and you learn how to go far as a team. Resilience plays a very big role in teamwork. This is because if one member is down, the team would not be able to progress. I experienced the struggle to move on due to an injury but because my team wanted so badly to reach our destination during the land expeditions, my teammates actually provided me with words of encouragement as well as motivation so that the thoughts of giving up would not stay long in my mind. 

I have truly learned how to be resilient through OBS because it does not only teach me to keep on moving but it is also a reminder that I can go beyond my limits. It is really an eye opening experience as I witness the bond within the team strengthened as days passed by. It was definitely a tough but humbling experience as we went through hardships such as trekking while fasting and the long hours of kayaking. The process was with no doubt, stressful and demanding. 

As I look back and reflect, I realise that I am more capable than what I believed myself to be. I learnt how to be resilient, how to push myself and how to work well with others. I have also learnt more about my derailers. With this, I have also learnt how to manage them well so as to allow my teammates to reach our goals. I felt overwhelmed by the amount of hardships but that was what made us stronger - what made me stronger. 

This is my OBS Story. 

Nur Amira Azwin Bte Mohd Amin

Class 3/4, 2017.

Sec3 Camp 2017 - Image 01
Sec3 Camp 2017 - Image 02
Sec3 Camp 2017 - Image 03
Sec3 Camp 2017 - Image 04
Sec3 Camp 2017 - Image 05
Sec3 Camp 2017 - Image 06
Sec3 Camp 2017 - Image 07Sec3 Camp 2017 - Image 08
Sec3 Camp 2017 - Image 09
Sec3 Camp 2017 - Image 10
Sec3 Camp 2017 - Image 11
Sec3 Camp 2017 - Image 12
Sec3 Camp 2017 - Image 13
Sec3 Camp 2017 - Image 14
Sec3 Camp 2017 - Image 15
Sec3 Camp 2017 - Image 16
Sec3 Camp 2017 - Image 17
Sec3 Camp 2017 - Image 18
Sec3 Camp 2017 - Image 19
Sec3 Camp 2017 - Image 20
Sec3 Camp 2017 - Image 21

Secondary 4 Level Camp 

Inspiring, motivating. Those would be the two words that perfectly described our secondary 4 level camp experience. Our camp was activity-filled. We were taught unique ways to create our very own notes, did personality test to find our true self and figure out our best methods of learning. We also did dragon-boating which bonded us through teamwork. The camp taught us important life values like never giving up and to put in our best effort in everything we do. Many of us were more proactive and hardworking for our national examinations because of this very encouraging experience. I am proud to say that most of us applied what we were taught during this motivational camp. I am absolutely grateful for this experience. “Hardwork is temporary, glory is forever”. 

Chia Wen Wen Class 4/3 (2016)

Sec 4 Camp - Image 01
Sec 4 Camp - Image 02
Sec 4 Camp - Image 03
Sec 4 Camp - Image 04
Sec 4 Camp - Image 05
Sec 4 Camp - Image 06


Our Sec 3 students are scheduled to participate in the MOE-OBS Challenge Programme.  This is part of the National Outdoor Adventure Education Master Plan, which the Ministry of Education (MOE) has put in place to strengthen the holistic development of all our students.  The programme seeks to develop ruggedness, resilience, and build cohesion amongst our youths.  It comprises a series of school-based PE and CCE lessons as well as a 5-day Course at Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) from 6 to 10 July 2020.

Programme information

This 5-day Course will be conducted from 6 to 10 July 2020 by OBS in different parts of Singapore. Using the outdoors as the ‘classroom’ for learning and development, this Course will offer your child a unique opportunity to work together with students from other schools to overcome various outdoor challenges.

Through the Course, our students will learn to:

1.  manage challenges positively through self-directed learning and making the right choices to influence their circumstances;

2.   build friendships with students from different school backgrounds and actively help each other to achieve team goals in an inclusive manner; and

3.   commit to playing an active role in the improvement of one’s community and the environment.

This programme is co-designed by MOE and OBS to ensure that it is of high quality, supports the school curriculum and is suitable for our students.

The positive learning experience and well-being of your child is our priority. Safety remains as the top priority for OBS, which has an excellent safety record built on stringent requirements from its international network of Outward Bound centres around the world.  The Course is supported by a robust risk management system to ensure safety.

Here are some important information with regards to the MOE-OBS Challenge Programme:

1.   Presentation slides for Sec 3 OBS Parent Engagement briefing (Click here to view/download)

a.      MOE-OBS Challenge Programme video (Click here to view)

2.      Important note for MOE-OBS Challenge Programme (Click here to view/download)

a.      About MOE-OBS challenge & medical conditions for non-admission or concern

b.      Sample 5-day course learning activities

c.      Frequently Asked Questions

3.      E-Registration guide for Parents (Click here to view/download)

4.  Designated clinics for MOE-OBS Challenge Medical Screening (Click here to view/download)

Values in Action Programmes


Values in Action (VIA) is an integral part of Character and Citizenship Education (CCE), aligned to the school’s desired learning outcome of nurturing student to become Active and Concerned Citizens with Global Awareness. VIA are learning experiences that support our students’ development as socially responsible citizens who contribute meaningfully to the community, through the learning and application of school values, knowledge and skills.


The VIA programme aims to develop students to:

  1. demonstrate a sense of responsibility towards the community and nation, and take actions to contribute to them; and
  2. be able to reflect on and respond to social and environmental issues locally and regionally.

All students will be progressively developed during their time in school, and different levels will focus on different themes each year. All students should participate in VIA learning experiences for at least 12 hours by the end of Secondary Two, and a total of 24 hours by the end of Secondary Four or Five. Students will be given opportunities to work with their classmates to initiate their own VIA projects.

Secondary 1

Theme: Environmental Conservation

Sec 1 VIA_1.jpg Sec 1 VIA_2.jpg Sec 1 VIA_poster.png

In line with the Keep Singapore Clean Movement, and to develop a sense of self-responsibility in students, the Secondary One students play their part in keeping common spaces clean through the school’s Experiential Learning Programme in Semester One. Students will first acquire knowledge on pollution through the Science Camp, before putting their knowledge into action by participating in a beach clean-up at the East Coast Park. Students will also create posters to raise awareness on the importance of environmental conservation.

Secondary 2

Theme: Children

Sec 2 VIA_3.JPG Sec 2 VIA_1.JPG Sec 2_VIA 2.JPG

Secondary Two students go through a peer leadership and events management training workshop in Term two. They then identify a charitable children organisation supported by the Community Chest to raise funds for the Youth Day Appeal in July. Over the next three months, students plan for their fund-raising booths in groups in preparation for the Racial Harmony Day Carnival.

Secondary 3

Theme: Intergeneration (Seniors)

Sec 3 VIA_1.JPG Sec 3 VIA_2.JPG

Secondary Three students will participate in a service leadership workshop, through which they acquire leadership competencies that can be applied when serving to the community. They then take part in intergenerational projects which will provide them with opportunities to interact with the seniors in the community. Through such projects, the school aims to forge stronger intergenerational bonds between our students and seniors.

Secondary 4/5

Theme: Local Community at Large


Secondary Four and Five students exercise autonomy in conceptualising and executing their own VIA projects during their final year. The students are given the first semester to identify a local beneficiary, and they will analyse their needs before proposing a project that seeks to address the needs of the beneficiary or promote a cause that they care for.

Overseas Values-in-Action (OVIA): Vietnam

Since 2006, PRCS has been sending a team of teachers and students to Cambodia for a 10-day VIA project. Following a review of the OVIA programme, the school currently focuses on supporting communities in Vietnam. Through this programme, students will develop a sense of global awareness as they provide assistance to improve the education and living infrastructure of the local schools and villages. Students also participate in the crafting of learning materials and experiences for the children in the villages. OVIA experiences will include customised learning journeys for our students to help deepen their understanding and appreciation of the culture and history of another member country in ASEAN.

National Education

National Education (NE)

National Education (NE) aims to develop national cohesion, cultivate the instinct for survival as a nation and instil in our students, confidence in our nation's future. Students will develop an awareness of facts, circumstances and opportunities facing Singapore, so that they will be able to make decisions for their future with conviction and realism. It also emphasises the importance of cultivating a sense of belonging to Singapore.

NE is infused into the different aspects of the school’s total curriculum. Through the school’s CCE curriculum, we aim to develop in students skills related to citizenship competencies in the domain of civic literacy, global awareness and cross-cultural (CGC) skills. Key components of the curriculum include VIA, commemoration of the four NE days, CCE lessons and the use of current affairs in developing students’ citizenship competencies. These are some of the significant programmes held annually:

National Day

National Day Celebrations: An Overview

National Day is celebrated to remind us of the journey through which Singapore gained independence, the building of our nation and the strengthening of our bonds among people.

The National Day commemoration in PRCS aims to engage both our students’ minds and hearts. The Crest Time programme seeks to develop in our students a keen awareness of facts, circumstances and opportunities facing Singapore, and to help them understand how they can contribute to nation building.

During the National Day celebrations, PRCS will host elderly guests from our community to show appreciation to our seniors who have contributed years of hard work towards nation building. Members from our Parents Support Group (PSG) are also invited to join us in the celebrations. Apart from commemorative activities, the annual Crestians Got Talent (CGT) will also be held during the celebrations. This annual event seeks to celebrate the diverse talents within the student community through song and dance performances.  

On the day of celebration, students and staff come dressed in red and white, and we begin the commemoration of our nation’s birthday with a National Day Ceremony. The ceremony begins with the marching-in of the National flag and School flag, which will be conducted by contingents consisting of students from our uniformed groups. This is then followed by the singing of the National Anthem as the flags are raised, and the recitation of the pledge. On this day, our students from the uniformed groups will also showcase their talent through the precision drill squad performances.

NDP seniors 2.JPG
NDP_fancy drill.JPG
NDP_flag bearer.JPGNDP_parade 1.JPG
NDP_students 1.JPG
NDP_students 2.JPG
NDP_students 4.JPG

Racial Harmony Carnival

Racial Harmony Day & Fund-raising Carnival: An Overview

In the week of 21 July each year, PRCS commemorates Racial Harmony Day (RHD) to commemorate the lessons learnt from the 1964 racial riots. On this day, students reflect on and celebrate Singapore as a harmonious society built on a rich diversity of cultures.

Our school celebrates Racial Harmony Day with a variety of hands-on learning experiences, aimed to promote inter-racial understanding among our students. Also in line with the school’s vision of “A Caring Home”, we also use this opportunity to encourage our students to do their part for less privileged children under the Community Chest “Youth Day Appeal”. Our Secondary Two students are tasked to run a fund-raising carnival on this day to support this cause. All proceeds from the carnival are donated to meet the needs of an identified children beneficiary supported by the Community Chest. This serves as a reminder to us that promoting social cohesion and harmony requires collaborative efforts from everyone to do our part for the community.

The carnival consists of various interesting ethnic food and games stalls planned and organised by the students. There are also interactive booths, where students learn the history of and the recipe to make traditional foods, such as mooncakes, popiah and murrukhu. Students also get to experience and learn more about cultural games and activities of the other races, such as ketuput making, Arabic and Chinese calligraphy, Chinese chess, Kolam and Easter Egg decorations. 

RHD_activity booth 1.JPG
RHD_PSG informal.JPG
RHD_activity booth 2.JPG
RHD_PSG formal.JPGRHD_food booth 1.JPGRHD_activity booth 4.JPG
RHD_opening ceremony.JPG
RHD_food booth 3.JPG
RHD_dunking tank.JPG

Use of Current Affairs in CREST Time   

Based on research, the use of current affairs can shape attitudes that lead to an informed and engaged citizenship and develop cultural intelligence. It allows students to develop an awareness of the self, the community, the nation and the world. 

The school believes that the use of current affairs allows the curriculum content to be connected to students’ lives, which increases student engagement and develops students’ social and global awareness. It can also build students’ autonomy and desire to take action to contribute towards the betterment of the society.  

Students who wish to advocate for causes they feel strongly for, or express their opinions on current affairs, are also given the platform to do so through the weekly Advocacy Programme. Through these experiences, students will be able to develop their critical thinking and analytical skills, and build their confidence in public speaking. 

Leadership Development

Leadership Development Programme: An Overview

The PRCS approach stems from the belief that all students can be trained to be leaders, hence ‘Every Crestian A Leader’.

The ‘Crestian Leader’ is defined as one who embodies the school values and the 21st Century Competencies as outlined in the school’s desired student learning outcomes. The student would also have been developed in the areas of self, peer and service leadership competencies, as well as the SEL competencies.

The school has a two-tier approach to student leadership development. The first tier is for the student cohort population, and the second for the selected student leaders.

First, every Crestian goes through the three developmental stages of the leadership training programme for the cohort, from Self Leadership (Sec 1) to Peer Leadership (Sec 2) and finally to Service Leadership (upper Sec). At each stage, key leadership competencies are developed through explicit teaching in training workshops, and providing opportunities for practice during school programmes.

The leadership programme is planned and delivered based on the CCE 4A framework – Awareness, Attitude, Action and Autonomy. Students are first trained through explicit teaching of the relevant leadership competencies and attitude at each stage through Leadership Training Workshops. Every student is given the opportunity to put such leadership competencies into action through participating in the school programmes.

Foreword by Newly Elected President of Student Council Board: Ahmed Farihin, 3/5

“A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat over a little boys shoulder to let him know the world hadn't ended.” ~Batman

President of Student Council Board: Ahmed Farihin

Greetings to Mrs Woo, Mr Ng, Mrs Toh, teachers and fellow Crestians!

I am Ahmed Farihin from class 3/5 and I am the newly elected President of the Student Council Board. When I was in Secondary one, I never thought that I would become the President of the Council Board one day. Getting to this point was indeed a tough journey. I had to undergo interviews, elections, not to mention, the scrutiny of teachers and peers.

Student Council Board - 01Student Council Board - 02

During my elections, I campaigned along with the other nominees to contest for the position of a President. I had fun and learned a lot, especially the fact that we have to work hard to get what we want. Indeed, “What you believe is what you will achieve.” Another saying which kept me going throughout the gruelling campaign period is President Barack Obama’s “If you're walking down the right path and you're willing to keep walking, eventually you'll make progress.”

Speaking of the campaign, my favorite rally topic was ‘Superheroes’. I picked Batman as mine. According to Batman, “A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat over a little boys shoulder to let him know the world hadn't ended.” This assured me that all of us can be a hero in our own right, as long as we are willing to serve. As the President, I hope to be the voice of the student body and help to make the school environment more positive and conducive. I will certainly do my best to bring the Council Board to greater heights.

At this juncture, I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to the new Executive Committee of the Student Council Board. They are: Wen Hui and Tea, the Vice Presidents; Isabelle, the Treasurer; and Andre, the Home Affairs Officer. I am very excited to work with them and hopefully, we can come up with new ideas to manage the Council Board as well as organise exciting events for the rest of the student body. At the same time, I would also like to welcome the newly elected Secondary Two councillors. I hope that they will enjoy being in the Council Board as much as us.

I would like to thank our Principal, Vice-principals and teachers, especially Miss Aidah, our teacher-in-charge, for being so supportive of the Council Board. They believe in me and play an important role in moulding me to become the person I am today.

Another group of people I would like to thank are my campaign managers – Zi Shen and Syakir from 3/3, Brian Tan from 3/5 and Si Heng from 3/6. Without their help, the campaign would not have been so successful and I would not be able to garner so many votes.

Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude to Zhi Sheng, our former President; Ching Ting and Levron, our former Vice Presidents; the rest of the executive committee members and all the Secondary Four Councillors who have stepped down. They have been great seniors to us and showed us what it means to be exemplary role models. I am truly thankful for all their contributions. On behalf of the Council Board, I wish them a happy farewell and all the best for their upcoming national examinations.

The CCA Experience

CCA Experience - Image 01

I am Hilmey from class 3/2. I was selected to represent Singapore and my School for ICEP United Kingdom held at Sussex, Nesscliff. I really learnt a lot of values that have inspired me. I was amazed by their culture and how different it is from that of Singapore. The people there were friendly and extremely polite. There were so many activities that I enjoyed. For example I learnt how to use and fire 2 UK assault rifles, the L98A2 rifle and the one slot bullet rifle called the .22 Calibre rifle. It was a once-in- a lifetime experience to handle and shoot what the British army soldiers are using! This was a great opportunity given to me. In another activity, I learnt how to attack the enemy with different types of useful strategies. I could use these strategies in my National Service in the future and also to teach my fellow NCC cadets. One of the most exciting experiences was the Field Training Exercise where we went through real-war scenario. We had to do patrol just like real soldiers, use hands signals, set up a basha to sleep in, carry out sentry duties at night, eat a 24-hours] combat ration pack and finally carry out the Final Assault where we fired blank rounds at the enemy during the ambush. During the cultural visits, we went to the National Museum Arboretum, Snowden, Shrewburry in the city and England’s biggest theme park, Alton Towers. On the last day, we took pictures with all the cadets and officers in Sussex. It was really depressing for me as time flew too quickly. I miss my bunk bed and all the adventures I had with my friends in Sussex. The memories I have with them are unforgettable. Fortunately, we are still in contact through Facebook. As the Unit Sergeant Major in NCC(Boys), I will share my experience with my unit and lead the unit to maintain its high standard