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Applied Learning Programme (ALP)


The Crestian Communicators of the 21st Century Programme seeks to develop Crestians to be confident and effective communicators in English and their Mother Tongue Languages. The ability to think on one’s feet, and presenting lucid and sound arguments are important and necessary skills to work in today’s fast-moving, globalised world. It would also help to realise the school’s 3rd Desired Student Outcome - an Effective Communicator. The following are the outcomes that the programme seeks to achieve:

a. To be effective in presenting their views and ideas with clarity and impact in both the written and oral form;

b. To be confident speakers who are aware of good pronunciation and enunciation, tone and good voice quality;

c. To be able to persuade readers and audience to their views convincingly;

d. To be able to use various literary and speech devices to captivate the readers and audience;

e. To be able to deliver prepared and spontaneous speeches with confidence; and

f. To be able to communicate through the new media.


Sec 1 Choral Speaking (Lit)The programme aims to develop effective communication skills in our students at 2 levels. At Tier 1, communication skills are learnt progressively in the Secondary 1 to 4 curriculum as both writing and oral skills are learnt over a period of time at different levels of attainment. The 2 foundation programmes in the curriculum, namely the NICE and SPICE programme and Critical and Spontaneous Writing Programme provide the foundation for the development of basic oral and writing skills in English. At each level from secondary 1 to 4, a programme is designed to enable students to apply the skills learnt in the 2 foundation programmes in authentic project tasks that are both relevant and engaging. They would learn writing techniques such as plot development, news reporting or persuasive writing techniques and then followed by the practice of oral skills such as storytelling, broadcasting or delivering a persuasive speech.

Tier 1 Programmes

Foundation Programmes

Nurturing Independent, Confident and Engaging speakers (NICE) Programme (EL)

SPeech In performanCE (SPICE) Programme (EL)

Critical and Spontaneous Writing Programme

Level Programmes

Sec 1 Storytelling Programme 

Sec 1 Choral Speaking (Lit)

Sec 1 Show and Tell Programme (MTL)

Sec 2 News Reporting and Broadcasting Programme (EL)

Sec 2 Through the Lens – a project on Shooting Kabul (Lit)

Sec 2 One Minute Speech Programme (MTL)

Sec 3 Creating an Advertisement Programme (EL)

Sec 3 Debates in the Classroom (Lit)

Sec 3 Short Video Documentary (MTL)

Sec 4 Advocacy Programme (EL)

Tier 2 Programmes


Weekly Toastmasters Programme and Oratorical Competitions

Blogging and the New Media Projects

Debating Lessons (Sec 3 Literature students)  and Competitions 

Broadcasting Workshops and Competitions

 Talent Management for selected students
 Partnership with our Pathfinder – Singapore Press Holdings


To further create a vibrant and authentic learning environment for our students to communicate effectively, the BLACKBOX@Crest (BBC) is a media studio set up with video recording facilities. BBC provides the audio and visual facilities that enable students to record their broadcasts and improve their presentation skills. Lessons on broadcasting, storytelling and interviews can be conducted at BLACKBOX@Crest.

The BLACKBOX@Crest - Image 01
The BLACKBOX@Crest - Image 02
The BLACKBOX@Crest - Image 03