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21CC Development

21st Century Competencies Development

In line with our mission to “nurture TOMORROW’S learners who are the pride of their family, society and nation, TODAY”, Pasir Ris Crest Secondary has since our school’s inception sought to provide a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum for all Crestians to develop to become Overcomers with the mind set and skills, anchored on the strength of their character, to pursue and realise challenges in life.

In our efforts to be a school for the 21st century, the school identified 5 Desired Student Learning Outcomes on which all programmes are focussed upon:

  • Active and Engaged Learner
  • Innovative Problem Solver
  • Effective Communicator
  • Self-Disciplined and Responsible Leader
  • Active and Concerned Citizen with Global Awareness

The Crestian Overcomers

To these ends, the school leadership sets the direction for all staff in charting the flagship programmes experienced by Crestians and empowers both the Key Personnel and teachers in consolidating, reviewing and revamping these programmes to ensure the delivery of a uniquely Crestian experience for all students. Building on their mastery of the subjects, the staff customised curricular programmes such as the English Language Department Applied Learning Programme, the Shooting Star Challenge by Science, the Math Trail, the Humanities Map Challenge and the Inter-disciplinary Programme on Environment Conversation. Anchoring on our Niche programme in Fencing and our resources in Music, as well as the strength of our in-house Character and Citizenship Education Programme, the staff are empowered to customise co-curricular programmes that marked the journey of Crestians including the infusion of 21CC into the Fencing, Adventurous Journey, VIA and Music components of the National Youth Achievement Award Programme and the various Co-curricular Activities.