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Communication With Parents

2019 Mid Year Examinations Timetable & Topics/skills tested

Dear Crestians,

You may download the Mid Year Examination timetable from the attachment below.

Topics/Skills Tested

2019 MOE-OBS Briefing for Parents

Dear parents/guardians

Below are the slides for the parents briefing.
2019 MOE-OBS_Briefing for Parents.pdf 

2019 Sec 4 and 5 Parents Briefing

2019 Subject Combination Briefing

Dear parents/guardians, 
below are the slides for the subject combination briefing on 25 Jan 2019.


Sec 2 Subject Combination Briefing_25Jan (For Website).pdf 
Sec 2 HT Interaction slides NT_2019 (For Web).pdf 
Sec 2 HT Interaction slides NA_2019 (For Web).pdf 
Sec 2 HT Interaction slides EX_2019 (For Web).pdf

2019 Letters to Parents (Term 1)

Dear all, 

The Term 1 Letter to Parents summarising the latest School Updates for all levels and streams can be found in the attachments below. We look forward to your continued support in helping our students achieve success in their academic and co-curriculum development.

Letter to Parents dated 22 January 2019

 Sec 1_letter to parents_22_Jan_2019 NAEX.pdf 
 Sec 1 letter to parents 22_Jan_2019 NT.pdf
 Sec 2 letter to parent _22 Jan_2019_2NAE.pdf  
 Sec 2 Letter to Parents_22_Jan_2019 2NT.pdf
 Sec 3_letter to parents_22_Jan_ 2019 3E.pdf 
 Sec 3 letter to parents letter_Jan 22 2019 3NA.pdf 
 Sec 3 letter to parents letter_22 Jan 2019 3NT.pdf
 Sec 4 letter to parents_22 Jan_2019 4EX 2019.pdf 
 Sec 4 letter to parents 22 Jan_2019 4NA.pdf
 Sec 4 letter to parents 22 Jan_Level 2019 4NT.pdf 
 Sec 5 letter to parents 22 Jan_2019 5NA.pdf 

2019 Term 1 Class Test Timetable & Topics/Skills Tested

Parents Gateway

Parents Gateway (PG) is a one-stop mobile app for parents and schools to better support their children’s educational journey through improved communications. PG is available on IOS and Android and allows parents to receive updates on school programmes and activities. It also allows parents to perform administrative functions such as providing consent for their children to participate in school activities.

Parent Gateway App
Open the Apple App Store or Google Play Store app on your mobile phone to download. 
Or scan the QR code below.


Note: Supported OS Versions - Android 6.0 or later & iOS 9.1 or later

SingPass Registration and 2FA Setup
SingPass 2-Step Verification (2FA) is required for on-boarding. If you have not registered for a SingPass or have not set up the 2FA, please visit the SingPass website (https://www.singpass.gov.sg), or scan the QR codes below to do so. Should you require further assistance, please contact SingPass Helpdesk at 6643-0555.


For more information on 
PG click HERE.
Registering for SingPass click HERE.

2019 Start of School Term 1

Dear Crestians, 

Welcome back to school Crestians.
We look forward to starting a new term with you on Wednesday, 2 January 2019.

You may also download the class timetable by clicking here.

Do take note the following information:
1) There would be no CCA for the first week of school.
2) All students are reminded to have proper attire and personal grooming (hairstyles, nails, uniform etc).
3) All students will be dismissed at 1350h on Wednesday, 2 January 2019.

Open House 2018

Open House 2018 Poster

2019 Booklist and School Uniform

Dear Crestians and Parents, You may download the 2019 booklists and obtain more information on the sales of school uniform here.

Pedestrian and Vehicle Route

Download File: