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We believe our teachers are key in igniting the passion for Science in Crestians and inculcating in them the spirit of inquiry. Our Science teachers are consistently looking for ways to improve our pedagogy and resources to meet the needs of our students, always mindful that we are equipping them with skills and knowledge necessary for the next level of education and possibly, for future employment.

We seek to draw a fine balance between the rigour required for the eventual national exams and the need to ensure holistic teaching and learning that develop the right attitude and behaviour in the learning of Science. Our programmes are developed to support these beliefs.

Sec 1 Science Investigative Project

Students are given the opportunity to apply the Scientific method in a project of their choice. In applying what they have learned earlier, students will generate questions, formulate hypotheses, carry out experiments and present their conclusions in a report.

Sec 2 Solar Oven Project

This project allows students to problem-solve and apply their Physics knowledge on Thermal Transfer of Energy to build an oven using provided materials to achieve a highest internal temperature possible. Students build their ovens and test the internal temperature of the ovens to assess the effectiveness.

Sec 3 Fruit-powered Car project

The fruit-powered car project enables students to understand the importance of harnessing new energy sources. Students harness the gases produced from chemical reactions with fruit juice and baking soda to power DIY cars.

Lower Sec NT curriculum revision

A curriculum has been developed to enable teaching and learning of the syllabus through a hands-on approach. There is a revamp in the SOW so that students learn Science concepts in a practical manner through research and construction of kits and devices. For example, they learn density by constructing a Cartesian Diver. Students have the opportunity to collaborate and do research when a concept is presented to them. Learning is facilitated by doing and presenting what they have constructed.

Participation in Competitions and Research

We encourage our students to participate in learning journeys/competitions/activities/research to stretch their potential and expose them to varied ways of learning. Such include the High Progress Learners Program for Sec 1s and 2s, Learning Journey on Biodiversity, Elementz Science Research Conference & Exhibition, NUS Crystal Growing Competition, and the A*STAR Research Attachment Program..