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Vision: Every Crestian, physically educated to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. 

The PE department believes that fundamental motor skills and core values provide a strong foundation for the learning, participation and enjoyment of a wide variety of physical activities. In their 4 or 5 years with our school, the students are exposed to 8 different types of sports (namely educational gymnastic, netball, badminton, softball, basketball, volleyball, tchoukball and floorball) to enhance their learning experience. We hope that the students will continue to adopt active lifestyle and play these sports at recreational level in their adulthood, in alignment with Sports Singapore Vision 2030 of “Live Better Through Sports”. As part of PE syllabus 2014, students are also taught Outdoor Education (OE) and Physical Health and Fitness (PHF). These programmes help students to achieve the six goals of physical education. The Sec 2 and 4/5 students are trained physically to be ready for National Physical Fitness Assessment (NAPFA). Our students also take part in our annual cross country, interclass game, cheering competition, swimming programme and experiential learning that enhance their school experience.

Assessment in PE

Sec 1 to 3 secondary students are assessed for their skills and concepts using rubrics in the 6 sports module, namely gymnastic, netball, badminton, softball, basketball and volleyball. The rubrics are set up based on the learning outcomes of these sports. Students are assessed in an authentic setting or game-like situation. Assessment for learning (Afl) are adopted during the curriculum and ongoing formative feedback are also given to the students throughout the 16-hour module to help the students to improve their skills and understanding of games concept. Peer assessment is also implemented for each sport to improve the skills of the students through the feedback given by their classmates. In addition, the students are also being assessed in their affective domain on participation during PE. The overall assessment, in PE grade, will be reflected in the student’s result slip at the end of the year.

In addition, the department believes that PE is a platform to inculcate sound values, like integrity, respect, build their character and infuse the students with 21st Century Competencies during their formative years. Routine are set, lessons are designed purposefully and teachable moments are seized to imbue the students with these values and competencies to prepare the students to face the challenges in life.

School-wide Programme

Cross Country

The annual cross country is held at Pasir Ris Park. In the lead up to the cross country, students train for their run during PE lessons. Besides strengthening their fitness, the training allows them to learn the importance of values, like self-discipline, perseverance and resilience that enable them to complete the race. The cross country also promotes a healthy lifestyle among the students and staff.

Cheering Competition

Cheering competition is a unique feature of PRCS. Prior to this competition, the entire class, together with their Home Tutors, spend time together to prepare and rehearse for the cheering competition. The students learn to choreograph a cheer of about 3 to 4 minutes to perform on stage as a class. Many creative cheers were devised by the students that involved physical coordinated movement, innovative cheering lyrics and use of props. Through this process, the students learn to work together as a team, peer leadership and relationship management during the process.

Sec 1 Compulsory Swimming Programme

Swimming is an important lifeskill for all students to acquire as Singapore is surrounded by water. In PRCS, Secondary 1 students undergo a compulsory swimming programme to make sure all physically fit students are equipped with this important life skill. In the programme, students are classified into different swimming groups based on their swimming competency. Different coaches were then employed to customise programme to meet the different competency level of the students. Students, who already have basic SwimSafer certification of bronze, are given the option of taking the silver and gold proficiency course. At the end of the programme, students will be assessed on their swimming competency and awarded the SwimSafer certificates accordingly.

Annual Sec 1 to 4/5 Inter-Class Games (ICG)

The objectives of the ICG for Sec 1 to 4/5 students are to encourage mass participation in sports, provide a platform for classes to compete and cheer for their class and promote healthy living. Through the ICG, students also learn to work as a team and important values, like fair play, respect and care for school mates. Students get the chance to play and compete in different sports, like floorball, softball, tchoukball, netball, badminton, that they have learnt during PE lessons.

ACES Day and Teachers vs Students Game

On ACES Day, the whole school engages in a mass workout routine. This is followed by Teacher-Student games of Captain’s Ball, which allows the students to play against their teachers. It promotes bonding and builds rapport among staff and students.

Experiential Learning programme at Sports Hub

Sec 1 students worked in team to explore the Sports Hub through an amazing race format to apply what they learn from their Outdoor Education in an unfamiliar setting, like pacing, navigation, risk assessment. Students also visited the sports museum to learn more about the role that sports play in nation building. They also learn how sports can help Singaporeans to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, as well as the role that Sports Hub plays to encourage more Singaporeans to take part in sports.

National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) programme

The department also oversees the National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) programme that the school has embarked since 2002. The school leverages the various school programmes to allow the entire level of Sec 2 students to satisfy the NYAA’s criteria to achieve the bronze award. The students learn to fence under Physical Recreation, play musical instrument under Skills, raise fund as a class for Youth Appeal during Racial Harmony Day and attend the Sec 2 level camp funder Adventure Journey. Sec 3 students are also encouraged to be proactive to take up the NYAA silver award programme to challenge themselves. These school’s programmes allows the students to collaborate with one another and equip them with Social Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies, like social awareness, and 21st Century Competencies, like critical and inventive thinking. These values, competencies and skills serve as part of the whole school approach towards holistic education of our students and to prepare them for the challenges in the future.