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Our Vision is for our Crestians to be Enthusiastic and Confident Mother Tongue Language users.

MTL Fortnight Programme


  • To create an environment for the learning and appreciation of MTL

  • To provide authentic opportunities for students to learn and appreciate other ethnic groups’ cultures

  • To ignite passion in students to love MTL through the activities organised

MTL Fortnight activities are carried out yearly by the Mother Tongue Department. Students taking the Mother Tongue Languages are given opportunities to experience the different facets of the MTL language and culture. A series of fun-filled activities and learning journeys are lined up for our students during the 2 weeks.

School-wide Reading Programme

Objective: To expose students to news and selected reading materials of different genres, allowing our students to be connected locally and globally.

The school embarked on a reading programme for all students taking Mother Tongue Languages so as to promote reading through creative ways, to cultivate good reading habits for extensive knowledge acquisition and to raise their language standard. Our students are to read either the books selected by our teachers or subscribe to newpapers/magazines for our reading programme

Intensive Revision Programme

To prepare graduating students for the ‘O’ Level Mother Tongue paper in late May/early June, the MT department teachers conduct intensive revision during the school’s ELP programme. This aims to better prepare our students to do well in their Mid-year O level Mother Tongue examination.

Applied Learning Programme

In line with our school’s DSLO to prepare our students to be an effective communicator, the Mother Tongue department leverages on our ALP programme to prepare and train our students to be enthusiastic and confident MTL users.
Click here for more information on our ALP.

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