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We seek to nurture all Crestians to be self-motivated through an effective Mathematics instructional programme and develop Crestians with flair in Mathematics through competitions to maximise their potential. 

Secondary One Performance Task

Through the performance task, Crestians will be given the opportunity to showcase their critical and inventive thinking skills for the subject. Students are to work in teams on their choice of projects which include the designing of mathematics games and solving real life problems. 

Lower Secondary Mathematics Trail

The department seeks to enhance students' learning experiences and application of Mathematics and Mathematical Modelling concepts in real life situation by requiring students to participate in a trail outside school, with various activities at locations such as the Changi Airport Terminal and Singapore Botanic Garden. 

National Level Competition: Singapore Mathematics Olympiad and UNSW Competition

The national-level competitions aimed at students with flair in Mathematics to maximise their potential and enable them to benchmark against other participants. Students in the Singapore Mathematics Olympiad programme will undergo special training sessions to develop their higher order and critical thinking skills. 

All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition for Normal Course Students

The national level competition is targeted at Normal Course students to provide them an opportunity to excel and grow their passion in Mathematics. 

Mathematics e-Learning Portal

The learning of Mathematics is made more interesting through the interactive content of e-learning portal. This is also consistent with the purpose of the department in encouraging a self-directed learning environment for our students.