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Express and Normal (Academic)

  • History and Geography at Lower Sec
  • History and Geography at Upper Sec
  • Elective History and Elective Geography at Upper Sec
  • Social Studies at Upper Sec
  • Principles of Accounts at Upper Sec
Normal (Technical)

  • Normal (Technical) Social Studies
  • Elements of Business skills at Upper Sec

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The Humanities Department has adopted the Inquiry-based Learning (IBL) approach to engage our students in learning the Humanities, and incorporates experiential learning. ICT is also integrated in lessons to enhance the learning experiences and encourage collaborative learning, to prepare students for post-secondary education. Below are the key programmes that are conducted for our students:

Key Programmes

Geography Investigations:

  • Sec 1: Visits to Lorong Halus (PUB) and studying the school environment

  • Sec 2: Understanding the Pasir Ris neighbourhood

  • Sec 3: Visits to Changi Beach

  • Sec 4: Understanding tourism at Gardens by the Bay

Historical Investigations:

  • Sec 1 and 2: Visits to the Museums

Social Studies Investigation (E/NA)

  • Visit to Kampong Buangkok

Social Studies (Normal Technical) Learning Journeys and Performance Tasks

  • Sec 1: Common Spaces Amazing Race

  • Sec 2: Visit to ISD Heritage Centre

  • Sec 4: C.A.R.E Project

Principles of Accounts Project

  • Fund-raising project for charity  

Elements of Business Skills Learning Journeys to understand the retail and service sectors

  • Visit to Punggol Waterway Point

  • Visit to Aqueen Heritage Hotel

  • Visit to Gardens by the Bay

  • Visit to Singapore Cable Car Sky Network

  • Visit to Siam Express Pte Ltd

Our students are also given the opportunity to further develop their knowledge and skills when they are selected to represent the school in the following competitions:


and Achievements

in 2017 and 2018

  • NUS-MOE Geography Challenge 2017 (awarded Silver and Bronze Medals)

  • Historical Scene Investigation, organised by NLB (Finalists, 2018)

  • Lower Secondary Prove IT! Competition, organised by NLB

  • Inter-school History Challenge: War and Diplomacy Card Game, organised by Bendemeer Sec Sch (Finalists, 2018)

  • MOE History Challenge, organised by MOE-CPDD