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Secondary One NICE programme

NICE, an acronym for Nurturing Independent, Confident and Engaging speakers, is a basic programme developed by the English teachers to ensure that the students are articulate speakers. Lessons focus on good pronunciation, confident delivery and effective listening. The culmination of NICE will be the Storybird Project that the students do. Using the online Storybird platform, all Sec 1 students weave a narrative which they will present to their peers.

Secondary Two SPICE programme

Speech in Performance or SPICE is a continuation of NICE where students now apply what they have learnt in Secondary 1 and in Secondary 2. Lessons include being expressive and being able to express opinions in an appropriate manner. These lessons culminate into a performance task where student demonstrate the skills they have learnt in a video recording. Students assume the role of news broadcasters and present their news. They will film themselves in the school’s multimedia room – The Black Box.

Whole-School Programme (Sec 1 – 5) Critical Writing and Spontaneous Writing

The Critical and Spontaneous Writing programme is a weekly activity for the students.

In Critical Writing, students learn to appreciate how multi-modality works in language. Students are exposed to visual texts which they have to analyse and interpret. Spontaneous Writing helps students to develop fluency in writing. Students are given topics weekly for them to respond in Spontaneous Writing.

Reading Programme (Sec 1 – 5)

To inculcate a love for reading, time is set aside weekly for the students to read. There is a wide exposure of reading materials given to them ranging from story books to newspapers. Students also subscribe to magazines of good quality to aid in their language proficiency.

Experiential Learning Day (Sec 2)

To give students an opportunity to put into practice what they have learnt in class and to build their confidence in speaking in real-world context, the students go to a touristy area such as the Merlion Park where they will interact with the tourists by engaging them and presenting to them a short presentation on the attractions of the area.


The Literature Unit of the English and Literature department supports the school’s ALP programme in class. In Secondary One, students videotape themselves in groups for their Choral Speaking project. They learn how to enunciate and emote a piece of poetry effectively to entertain. Secondary Two students embark on a photography project where they have to present clearly the picture they have taken in front of the class. This Through the Lens project allows students to articulate their thoughts confidently as they explore their Literature text, Shooting Kabul. Secondary Three students learn the basics of debates and apply them in the classroom. Debates in the classroom allows students to take on multiple perspectives based on the texts they study and learn persuasion skills. Secondary Four and Five Literature students go through a Theatre immersion programme where they learn more about Drama via watching productions and workshops, and applying them in the Literature classroom.  

All of the above programmes are part of our Applied Learning Programme catering to all students.