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“To develop our students into effective communicators"           


  • Secondary One ALP
  • Secondary Two  ALP
  • Secondary Three ALP
  • Secondary Four and Five ALP
  • Whole-School Programme (Sec 1- 5) Critical Writing and spontaneous writing
  • Reading Programme (Sec 1- 5)
  • Experiential Learning Day (Sec 2)
  • PRCS Literary Week
  • Enrichment
  • Literature

Photo Gallery

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The English Language and Literature Department supports the school’s Applied Learning Programme. (ALP) aims to develop Crestians into effective communicators who are capable of articulating complex information and ideas in varying contexts and modes. To this end, a slew of programmes have been organised to develop Crestians, as well as make learning experiences meaningful and engaging. 

Our Curriculum

Rich texts are used and appealing tasks are designed to improve students’ engagement and attitude towards language learning. Activities have also been carefully planned to integrate the core language skills into each unit..

Secondary One ALP

For Secondary One students, the EL Department has designed lessons that would allow students to be creative in the narrative genre. The culmination of the lessons will be a digital story-telling project where students weave a narrative, marrying their understanding of visuals and text which they will then present to their peers. This project also presents them with a platform to express themselves and to learn how to entertain an audience.

Secondary Two ALP

To enhance the students’ skills in writing and speaking in the news genre, students engage in a performance task where they research, write a short feature story of a landmark, then present it as part of a feature story broadcasting project. They will also use the school’s multimedia room – The Black Box. 

pic 1.jpg

Students assuming the role of news anchor 

Secondary Three ALP

Secondary Three students look into how advertisements are produced. They learn about the message and purpose found in an advertisement. They will understand how sound, moving images and text can come together to persuade consumers and in doing so, become discerning viewers of advertisement themselves. The students then will embark on producing an advertisement of their own, integrating filming, video editing and language skills in one project.

Secondary Four and Five ALP

Our Secondary Four and Five students take the lead in inspiring juniors through their impassioned speeches delivered during our morning Advocacy Programme. Topics delivered thus far include the refugee crisis in war-torn countries, showing kindness to all in the community, casual racism and cultivating a healthy self-esteem by loving ourselves. 

Whole-School Programme (Sec 1 – 5) Critical Writing and Spontaneous Writing

The Critical and Spontaneous Writing programme is a weekly activity for the students.

In Critical Writing, students learn to appreciate how multimodality works in language. Students are exposed to visual texts which they have to analyse and evaluate. Spontaneous Writing helps students to develop fluency in writing. Students are given topics weekly for them to respond in Spontaneous Writing.

Reading Programme (Sec 1 – 5)

To inculcate a love for reading, time is set aside weekly for the students to read. There is a wide exposure of reading materials given to them ranging from story books to newspapers. Students also subscribe to magazines of good quality to aid in their language proficiency.


Throughout the year, many activities have also been organised to promote a love of reading among Crestians. 

pic 2.jpg

Grab a book, anyone? 

pic 3.jpgWhat a lovely spread of local delights during our Book Buffet 

pic 4.jpg

Blind Date with a Book 

Experiential Learning Day (Sec 2)

To give students an opportunity to put into practice what they have learnt in class and to build their confidence in speaking in real-world context, the students go to a touristy area such as the Merlion Park where they will interact with the tourists by engaging them and presenting to them a short presentation on the attractions of the area.pic 5.jpg

Our Secondary Two students pluck up their courage to speak to tourists of the attractions in the vicinity


The Literature Unit of the English and Literature department supports the school’s ALP programme in class. In Secondary One, students videotape themselves in groups for their Choral Speaking project. They learn how to enunciate and emote a piece of poetry effectively to entertain. Secondary Two students embark on a photography project where they have to present clearly the picture they have taken in front of the class. This Through the Lens project allows students to articulate their thoughts confidently as they explore their Literature text, Shooting Kabul. Secondary Three students learn the basics of debates and apply them in the classroom. Debates in the classroom allows students to take on multiple perspectives based on the texts they study and learn persuasion skills. Secondary Four and Five Literature students go through a Theatre immersion programme where they learn more about Drama via watching productions and workshops, and applying them in the Literature classroom.  

pic 6.jpg                        2018 National Schools Literature Festival: immersing ourselves in a Literary experience 

PRCS Literary Week

With the aim of celebrating local literary geniuses, we have in place the annual PRCS Literary Week with Assembly Programmes as platforms for students to shine in their presentation skills. During this week, we introduce Crestians to acclaimed local writers such as Mr Haresh Sharma, Ms Catherine Lim and Mr Arthur Yap. Budding poets and writers in our midst also have the opportunity to take part in activities that will be lined up for them throughout the week. pic 7.jpg
Our entertaining and confident emcees to kick off 2018 PRCS Literary Week

pic 8.jpg

Students from Drama Club put up a snippet from Haresh Sharma’s Off Centre

pic 9.jpg

Muhammad Irfan bin Mohamad Radi from 5/2 shared three of his Haikus

pic 10.jpg

A book sale that was organised in conjunction with PRCS Literary Week



To deepen the language learning experience, Crestians have a chance to watch plays such as The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. Our students are usually thrilled by the experience of watching a live performance and captivated by the impressive production sets.

pic 11.jpgCrestians catching an award-winning play – ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time’