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Aesthetics, Craft and Technology (ACT) Department encompasses all coursework subject in PRCS. Design and Technology, Food and Nutrition, Art and Music. Before embarking on their theme-related projects, students are first grounded in basics of their respective disciplines. Coursework aims to realise student potential in product design, visual art creations, nutritional science, and music compositions.

Integrated ACT Projects

Teaches in ACT department seek to infuse I&E skillsets and encourage Crestians to adopt an innovative mindset in an interdisciplinary approach links ACT subjects via a common thematic framework and allows students to learn in the constructivist way.

In Secondary One, the students examine the elements of art and re-interpret the traditional art forms into contemporary form and vice versa. In addition, they learn the skill of communicating their ideas via doodling and sketching and eventually level up to 3D rendering. Furthermore, they explore the food system, from its origins to the market, focusing on nutrition and consumer issues.

In Secondary Two, the students seek business opportunities relating to the upcoming Singapore attraction, the Art Science Museum. They begin, by applying their design sketching skills to create an innovative souvenir. They then continue to design healthy set meals for intended tourists. Finally they design facade prints, drawing inspiration from the current Art exhibition and contextual environment. 

Enhanced Learning via ICT

ICT tools are harnessed to excite our ICT savvy Crestians and more importantly, enhance the teaching and learning of coursework-based subjects.

Art: Digital Art Works with Photoshop
D&T: SolidWorks on Tablet PCs for CAD and 3D Rendering 
D&T:  Autodesk Sketchbook Pro on Tablet PCs
F&N:  HPB Food Recipe Analyser
Music: Song Arrangement and Composing in iMac Lab

As a culmination of the entire coursework, selected projects are highlighted for participation in competitions such as:
D&T Awards 
Toy Design Competition
iChef Competition
Ice Cream Making Competition
Art Poster Design Competition
Creative Logo Design Competition
SYF Music Competition

Comprehensive Music Programme

As the music satellite for the East Zone Centre of Excellence for Creative Arts, the school conducts activities such as the East Zone Music Competition, the East Zone ‘O’ Level Music Camp, the East Zone N(T) Music Workshop and the East Zone N(T) Music Workshop and 'O' level Music classes.
The school has in place a comprehensive unique Primary and Lower Sec Music Syllabus All Lower Secondary students learn basic keyboard and guitar skills (NYAA), xylophone ensemble skills, songwriting and music sequencing skills. 

Opportunities are given to selected upper secondary students from Express, Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical) to offer Music or Higher Music for the National Examinations. Upper Secondary students taking Music and Art as an examinable subject, also attend school-selected performances and/or learning journeys.