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NCC (Girls)

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NCC (Girls)

Brief description of CCA

NCC (Girls) is an exceptional CCA in which girls get an opportunity to participate in activities such as live SAR21 shooting. Also, it offers excellent leadership and adventure programs such as 1-star Kayaking and exciting overseas attachment programs in which they would have the opportunity to be sent overseas for valuable learning experiences

CCA Training and highlights:

We offer many exciting & interesting activities that unleash your potential:

  • Precision Drill Squad (PDS), Freestyle Drill (FSD), Mini-League &                    Orienteering competitions
  • Adventure elements such as 1-star Kayaking, Low/High Elements,                Abseiling, Sport Climbing, Zip line, Paintball, Archery, field cooking,                hiking, Self-Defence Course etc.
  • Simulated and live SAR21 rifle shooting
  • Unique experiences e.g. Specialist Course, Camp FORGE, Camp                    STEEL, Survival Camp, Leaders Camp, etc.
  • Visit SAF facilities, e.g. SAFTI & Army Camps
  • Attend Overseas Cadet Exchange programs, such as to Mt. Ophir, India,         USA, Brunei & New Zealand. 

CCA Achievements

1.    Best Unit Competition

     Obtained Gold from 2011 to 2017

2.    Outstanding Cadet Award

     MSG (NCC) ABRIELLE LOH of S4/6, 2015


3.    Precision Drill Squad (PDS) Competition

     Champion (Girls’ Team), National – 2015, 2016 (Awarded Challenge                 Trophy Rifle)

     First Runner Up (Girls’ Team), National – 2017 

4.    Freestyle Drill (FSD) Competition

     4th in East District & Finalists, 2016

     5th in East District, 2017

5.    Orienteering Competition

     2nd in Girl’s Route, 2016

6.    Completion of Mini Kayaking Expedition, 2017 

WHY NCC (Girls)?

To develop confidence and cultivate discipline
Learn FSD/PDS skills
Engage in enriching activities, such as CCA VIA, and adventure                    activities

Expectations of CCA

Trainings depend mainly on the various activities or events scheduled by NCC headquarters, e.g. closer to FSD/PDS drill competitions or Orienteering Competition, the focus will be on that particular activity. 

To do well, cadets must:

be physically fit and have no medical condition (some activities can be physically demanding)

be willing to put in effort and cooperate to achieve together

show commitment  and have good and consistent attendance

be RESPECTFUL, observe PUNCTUALITY and good GROOMING as good DISCIPLINE is of utmost importance


Ms Felicia Ng Su Hway (CO)Ms Rina Bai (CO-IC)
Ms Christine LienMs Eileen Pearl