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St John Brigade

St John Brigade

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Brief description of CCA: 

SJB hopes to equip its cadets with life-saving skills such as first aid knowledge and use of the AED to help save lives when first in line at home and in the community. 

Achievements of CCA

  • Clinched the Gold Award for the Corp Achievement Award (CAA) for 2016 and 2017
  • A total of 13 cadets clinched the Chief Commissioner’s Badge which is the highest award for Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs)  
  • Attained the Best in Transport-of-Casualty in the Zone 1 First Aid Competition under the Ambulance Adult Category
  • Attained the Highest Amount Collected, Highest Average Amount Collected and Top 7 Corp Collection in the brigade for the Walkathon event
  • Best Group Trainee in Basic Non-Commissioned Officers (BNCO) Course 2016 - Chia Bing Heng of Class 3/1
  • 7 Gold and 2 Bronze Awardees for the EAGLES and IGNITE awards
  • More than 200 hours of Public Duty to render first aid as a service to the school and community.
  • Participated in the MOE UG Carnival held at Ngee Ann City to promote awareness on first aid and use of AED to the public
  • 2 cadets participated in the Hospital Attachment Programme

CCA Training and Highlights

Cadets will learn life-saving skills such as basic first aid, CPR, use of the AED etc. A SJB first-aider is recognized world-wide. 

Why St. John’s Brigade?

In January 2016, the Ministry of Health launched a new Integrated Nursing Scholarship targeted at outstanding ‘O’ level students who demonstrate leadership potential and has a keen interest in pursuing a nursing career. SJB cadets demonstrate high caliber for this scholarship. 

Expectation of CCA

No prior skills and knowledge is required. SJB cadets are expected to be disciplined, committed and responsible Crestians. 


Ms Fatimah (IC)
Ms Maslinda Malik (CO-IC)
 Mr Lim Keng PingMr Masagos