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NCC (Boys)

NCC (Boys)

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NCC (Boys)

Brief description of CCA 

Secondary 1:  Cadets can expect to get inducted to the “army lifestyle”            through basic drills, simulation SAR21 shooting and a taste of camping in        school. 

Secondary 2: Cadets continue to learn about aspects covered in Secondary 1, including an adventure-based camp and become trained in orienteering. 

Secondary 3: Cadets get a chance to shoot SAR21 live rounds and also        join the Secondary 4 Cadet to run the whole unit. 

Achievements of CCA

  • Successive Gold Award for Best Unit Competitions from 2009 to 2017
  • Outstanding Cadet Award 2017: Haizul Ali B Seron
  • 1st in East District NCC Precision Drill Squad Competition
  • Level 1 Sport Climbing for Junior Cadet (Secondary 1)
  • 1 Star Kayaking for Senior Cadet (Secondary 2)
  • 4th placing in Captain Ball East District ( Secondary 1)
  • Top 8 for Guardian of The City Competition (SG Secure) (NCC)
  • Cadets in the unit are selected to go for overseas expeditions to Mount Ophir

CCA Training and Highlights

  • Freestyle Drills
  • Orienteering Skills 
  • Fitness Training 
  • Precision Drill Squad 
  • Freestyle Drill  
  • SAR21
  • Live Shoot
  • Survival Training
  • Specialist Assessment 

Why NCC (Boys)?

The NCC provides a holistic education for our cadets and serves as a platform for character building. There are basic military skills training such as foot and arms drill and basic leadership grooming over the course of 4 to 5 years. This makes it easier for the male cadets to integrate into the National Service. Cadets who have completed their course of service will know what to expect in their Basic Military Training and this helps prepare them when they enlist.

Expectations of CCA

Cadets are to ensure regular attendance during training sessions and to be adventurous.


Ms Ong Xin Yi (CO)  Mr Chua Wei Jun (CO-IC)
Ms Eileen Koh   Mr Nigel Quek