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Brief description of CCA

Softball is an enjoyable team sport where the players’ intelligence is as essential as their physical prowess. The game promotes both physical and mental strength in students. 

Achievements of CCA 

'B' Boys
C Division Boys
  • Bedok Green Invitational Games – 1st Runner up
  • National Softball Championship & SRCl – Participation

  • Bedok Green Invitational Games – Champion
  • Top 8 in position National Softball Championship 
  • SRC Softball Carnival – Participation
Participation in Softball Team Challenge
organized by Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) and Woodlands Ring Secondary School

CCA Training and Highlights

Softball places equal emphasis on physical conditioning and softball skills to ready its members for the zonal and national tournaments. We frequently invite other schools for friendly games so as to allow our boys to gain exposure. For committed members, we may offer overseas competitions to further enhance their softball skills. 

Why Softball?

Softball is not just a physical, but is also an intellectual sport. It also builds team work among the softballers whereby students need to work as a team to achieve optimum results.

Expectations of CCA

All softball members are expected to turn up for all trainings on Tuesdays and Fridays. Trainings will be more intensive when competitions are near. Hence, we are looking for committed members who are determined and resilient. Members are to be physically healthy to undergo physical activities during each training session. No prior knowledge in Softball is needed as we will train every member from the fundamentals. 

Teachers IC

Ms Karin Wong (IC)

Mr Daniel Chye (CO-IC) 

 Mr Gavin Png Mr Andre Wong