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Guzheng Ensemble

Guzheng Ensemble

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Guzheng Ensemble

Brief description of CCA:

Guzheng Ensemble was formed in 2000. Our current instructor is Mr Tan Chin Huat, and we currently have 31 members from Secondary 2 to 4.

Achievements of CCA

  • SYF 2013 - Certificate of Distinction Award
  • SYF 2015 - Certificate of Accomplishment Award
  • SYF 2017 -- Certificate of Accomplishment Award

CCA Training and Highlights

Public Performances

  • Pasir Ris East CC Chinese New Year Dinner 2014 and 2016, 
  • Zheng Professionals “Resonance of a Thousand Strings” (Public Concert) 2015, 
  • PRCS Musical 2015, 
  • school performances in the hall and for Speech Day.

Why Guzheng?

We provide a good platform for students to learn how to play the instrument and make public performances. Our programme aims to instil discipline and build teamwork and self- confidence. 

Expectations of CCA

No pre-requisite skills are required, although music background, especially in the instrument guzheng, is preferred. What is required is a keen interest in music and a strong commitment to learn the skills and attend all practice sessions.


Mdm Fatimatuz (IC)Mdm Wu Qi (C0-IC)
 Mrs Josephine Wong