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Drama Club

Drama Club

Brief description of CCA

Our group of aspiring actors and actresses are committed to honing their drama techniques.  Each year, students put up performances during the school’s annual Speech Day, assembly programme and take part in external competitions. Students will also have opportunities to learn from professionals when they attend plays and musicals.


Achievements of CCA

  o   SYF Arts Presentation 2019: Certificate of Accomplishment

  o   Human Values Drama Festival 2016

        o   Best Actor Award

        o   Best Actress Award

        o   Best Script Nominee

      •       National Literature Festival 2015: Champions in Lower Secondary Book Trailer
      •       Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2017: Certificate of Distinction

CCA Training and Highlights

During training sessions, students will receive training on voice projection, improvisation and script writing amongst others.


Why Drama?

Photo Album (Drama)

For those who enjoy the limelight, this CCA is definitely the one for you! Through Drama, one will also be able to develop his self-confidence as well as enhance his aesthetic appreciation.

Expectations of CCA

All students are expected to attend CCA during our training days as well as participate in the activities that have been organized.



Ms Noor Fa'eezah (IC)

Ms Geraldine Xu (CO-IC)

 Ms Shaikha Aiman

Mdm Chitra