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Crestwinds - Band

Crestwinds - Band

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Brief description of CCA

The band, better known as Crestwinds, provides a number of performance opportunities to develop musical growth through every member’s instrumental playing skill. Through their musical trainings, band members gain authentic opportunities to work in teams and exercise their leadership; becoming committed, disciplined and responsible individuals. 

Achievements of CCA

  • SYF 2009 – Silver
  • SIBF 2010 – Silver
  • SYF 2011 – Bronze 
  • SYF 2013 – Certificate of Accomplishment
  • SYF 2015 – Certificate of Distinction 
  • SEC 2016 – 2 Gold and 4 Silver awards
  • SYF 2017 – Certificate of Accomplishment

CCA Training and highlights

Students will gain opportunities to 

  • develop their individual technique and musicianship,
  • showcase in a variety of school performances, band exchange, annual  public concerts; 
  • initiate activities and lead the band members during events.

Expectations of CCA

No prior music background is required; anyone with a passion towards music is welcome. Punctuality is essential. Attendance is usually taken before the commencement of practice and after the practice. Students are required to attend all practices, rehearsals and performances. However, additional rehearsals leading up to performances or other events may be scheduled at the discretion of the Band Instructors.  


Ms Atika (IC)

Mr Ronald Lim (CO_IC)

 Ms Farihah 

Mdm Beulah Esther Rani