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Photo Album (Choir)

Brief description of the CCA

Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School Choir was established in 2001. Better known as Crest Voices, the 50-strong member choir have made numerous appearances in school events namely the school Speech Day as well as public performances and choral exchanges.

Achievements of CCA

  • SYF Arts Presentation 2019: Certificate of Commendation
  • SYF Arts Presentation 2017: Certificate of Accomplishment
  • SYF Arts Presentation 2015: Certificate of Distinction 
  • SYF Arts Presentation 2013: Certificate of Distinction

CCA Training and Highlights

  • Choral Performances and Exchange Programmes with other choirs

  • Various performances for ‘President’s Challenge Charity Choral Festival at Fullerton Hotel and Victoria Concert Hall 

Expectations of CCA

  • Interest and passion in singing as a team 
  • Commitment to come for every practice session 
  • Willing to put in extra hours especially before major competitions and performances


Ms Zaidah Ibrahim (IC)

Mrs Josephine Wong (CO-IC)

 Ms S. Tharaniselvi