Chinese Instrumental Orchestra (CIO)

Chinese Instrumental Orchestra

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Brief description of CCA

The Chinese Instrumental Orchestra (CIO), also known as Crest Cadenza, is a CCA that is very much steeped in culture and tradition. Apart from performing during major school functions, the CIO also gets invited to perform in various public performances.

Achievements of CCA

  • SYF Arts Presentation 2019: Certificate of Accomplishment
  • SYF Arts Presentation 2007: Silver Award 
  • SYF Arts Presentation 2009: Silver Award
  • SYF Arts Presentation 2011: Silver Award  
  • SYF Arts Presentation 2013: Certificate of Distinction 
  • SYF Arts Presentation 2015: Certificate of Accomplishment 
  • SYF Arts Presentation 2017: Certificate of Accomplishment

  • Pasir Ris West Lunar New Year Dinner Concert at Pasir Ris Elias        Community Club
  • 2013 - `Bedazzled: Christmas in the City Concert’ at Ngee Ann City 
  • 2014 - Our People, Our Music;  a collaborative performance with the  SCO and other secondary schools, setting two Guinness World Records
  • PRCS 15th Anniversary Musical.

CCA Training and Highlights 

  • Every Tuesdays from 2:30-5:30pm & Fridays from 2:15-5:30pm
  • CIO Day Camp and VIA

Why CIO?

Our orchestra is made up of Chinese as well as non-Chinese members to reflect our school’s multi-racial population. This is reflected in our motto, `Harmony in Race and Talent’, whereby we are united despite our differences in race to create beautiful music. So, if you love music and would like to learn to play instruments steeped in culture and history, come and join us. We welcome all races!

Expectations of CCA

Although a background in music is a big plus, it is not a requirement. After all, you will most probably acquire skills in more than one instrument in our CCA. However, having a passion for music, being disciplined and punctual for practices are a must.


Ms Ng Hui Kiang (IC)

Ms Maria Thiah (CO-IC)

 Ms VijayaLakshmi Raja

Ms Jenny Lau