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AV/PA Club

AV/PA Club
Photo Album (AV/PA)

Brief description of CCA

As the AV/PA club, we pride ourselves in delivering a high standard of support for the various school events in terms of lights/sound, photography and videography. Our participation in different photography/videography competitions/workshops held by various organisation help to hone students skills and allow them to collaborate with peers from different places. Our members develop strong leadership skills, responsibility and working under pressure which help mould them into the leaders of tomorrow.

Achievements of CCA in 2016

Support for various School Events:

  • Speech Day
  • National Day Celebrations
  • CCA / School Open House
  • Racial Harmony Day Carnival
  • Other various school events not listed…

External Competitions:

  • CDL Young Photographer

CCA Training and Highlights

Students are trained (in-house) in various skills which are applicable to real-world applications:

  • Photography (Basics/Advance) techniques

  • Portraiture
  • Street
  • Landscape

  • Videography

  • Time Lapse
  • Stop Motion
  • Storyboarding & Planning
  • Audio-Visual Skills

  • Operating sound systems
  • Operating lighting consoles
  • Event Management & Crisis Response

  • Software Training

  • Photoshop / GIMP
  • Garage Band
  • iMovie

Expectations of CCA

We expect 100% commitment from every member who joins the club. Many of our members go above and beyond their call of duty to help their peers and lead them to achieve the best results during operations. Members develop a strong sense of initiative and are willing to come forward to help out for the various events and duties.


Mr Kerry He (IC)

Ms Siti Sufiah (CO-IC)

Ms Siti Suraidah

Mr Goh Aik Chuan