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Principal's Message

Tan Shun Loong, Principal
Welcome to the website of Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School.  

The phrase “Home of the Overcomers”, which visitors will notice as they enter the school compound, enjoins all Crestians to pursue challenges and overcome them with confidence.  Our emphasis on character development, centring on the school values of Proactive, Righteous, Caring and Self-Motivated, provides the moral compass and conviction that behoove Crestians to overcome and excel in both cognitive and co-curricular domains.

The Crestian experience enables our students to ride on the waves of challenges and opportunities which they are likely to face.  Our belief in the importance of communication in the workplace and society drives our efforts to develop every Crestian to be effective communicators of the 21st century.  Student presentations during morning assemblies, broadcasting modules in the curriculum, and experiential learning activities that enable our students to introduce Singapore to tourists, are part of the school’s platforms to hone our students’ abilities to express their ideas and feelings in a variety of modes and settings.  

Our emphasis on communication extends beyond the languages.  As the Music Satellite of East Zone Centre of Excellence for Creative Arts, we take pride in nurturing our Crestian learners of tomorrow through Music and the Performing Arts.  Whether it is music lessons that enable students to learn musical instruments such as percussion and guitar, Performing Arts Co-Curricular Activities, or school-wide events such as the Cheering Competition, there is something to meet the need of every Crestian. Students who prefer to express themselves kinesthetically can look forward to various outdoor experiences during our level camps and Experiential Learning Programme (ELP).    

Infrastructure and programmes, however, constitute only part of what PRCS offers.  What we hold dear as a school is the relentless quest for excellence, steeped in a culture of positive self-belief and care.  Such a culture is evident in the close monitoring and strong support provided by our dedicated teachers, who play an integral role in instilling the right values in our students and realising their potential across the learning domains, so that all Crestians will, as exhorted by our school song, acquire the wisdom to believe in themselves and find within them the necessary capacities to excel.  

My staff and I look forward to partnering you so that we can nurture all Crestians – including your child – to be tomorrow’s learners, who are the pride of their family, society and nation.  

Tan Shun Loong