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Experiential Learning


Experiential Learning Programme (ELP)

The school conducts the Experiential Learning Programme (ELP) for all Secondary One, Two and Three students, as well as Secondary Four (Normal Acad) students, over three days in May annually. The Programme provides opportunities for learning beyond the classroom as students visit different places on each of the three days.

The objectives of this programme are to:
  1. Reinforce topics and salient issues for specific subjects in Semester 1
  2. Introduce topical highlights for specific subjects of Semester 2
  3. Allow for learning in a different context – beyond the physical space of the school and the class

The 2013 student survey indicated over 90% positive response to the impact of the Experiential Learning Programme in enhancing students’ learning.

Learning Festival

The learning festival is held in various areas in the school where the subject departments will put up interactive booths to illustrate integral learning points via innovative means and conduct competitions based on subject specifics. These allow the students to learn in alternative yet inspiring and enjoyable settings.

Experiential Learning Programme

Secondary One Experiential Learning Day

By: Papasin Gillianne Marie Ramos, 1/7

The Experiential Learning days, which was part of our post-examination activity, were rather enjoyable and enriching. On the first day, I learnt how to make a water filter with simple materials and how to make fertiliser for our school garden. The next day, we had a Maths Trail at Changi Airport. The Maths Trail allowed us to better appreciate the relevance of Maths in our everyday life. On the last day of the program, my class went to East Coast Park for a beach clean-up. At the park, I realised that we must all do our part to keep the environment green and clean. Such feelings were captured in the poems we were tasked to write at the end of the session.

Secondary Two Experiential Learning Day

By: Siddiqah Mariam Abdul Rahman, 2/7

On the first day, my class stationed ourselves at the vicinity around the Tampines Regional Library to promote the use of good English to the public. In the course of doing so, I picked up a few tips on how to approach strangers and communicate with them. I also learnt how to pronounce words like “colleagues” and “salmon” accurately. On the second day, we went to Kallang Community Club to learn about the different types of instruments from different cultures. My classmates and I were thrilled when we had the opportunity to play with these instruments. On the last day, we visited Fort Canning and Clarke Quay to learn about the history of Singapore and did some fieldwork. We now have a better idea of factors we should consider if we are looking for a place to set up a business. In short, the three days have been very informative. My friends and I got to experience new things that we would not in a classroom setting.

Secondary Three Experiential Learning Day

By: Siti Maisarah Bte Suhaimi, 3/4

This year’s Experiential Learning days really got us to delve more deeply into the subjects we study. On the first day, we were introduced to ice-cream making, lip balm making and perfume making. As a fan of ice-cream, I found the ice-cream making session particularly enjoyable. At the end of the day, we were proud to bring the products of our experiments home. On the second day, we attended a Financial Literacy workshop. As we engaged in the financial board game, I experienced a sense of empowerment that came with earning my own money. At the same time, I also understood the importance of managing my money judiciously because I need to ensure that I have sufficient money to pay my bills and taxes. On the third day, we visited the Singapore Discovery Centre and the Army Museum for an excursion. Here, we learnt about our country’s heritage and defence force.

Learning Festival

By: Nuraihanah Bte Alaina, 1/4

PRCS Learning Festival was held together with our Racial Harmony Carnival. This annual event provides all Crestians with a platform to showcase the projects they have done for the various subjects throughout the year. All the departments also set up booths and engaged students in games related to the subject area. For instance, students who visited the Chinese Language Booth were able to try out calligraphy and those who visited the Malay Language booth learnt more about their traditional costumes. There were also booths which provided hands-on experiences such as the making of popiah, mooncakes and ketupat. They were enriching as I get to learn more about other cultures. I enjoyed myself tremendously on that day look forward to 2014’s Racial Harmony Carnival.