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Since 2012, the department has adopted Inquiry-based Learning (IBL) to engage students as co-constructor of learning.

Learning by design, the department crafted the IBL curriculum, aligning the lower secondary curriculum with the upper secondary curriculum. At Secondary Two, students are encouraged to research and reflect on ways to enhance the environment as part of the performance task.

Secondary One and Two Integrated ELP (Inter-cohort/ Inter-disciplinary programme with Science, English Literature and CCE)

A project undertaken by students for students, the Secondary Two students would research on environmental issues and present the learning to the Secondary Ones before they embark on their VIA task. This ensures that learning is reinforced for the Secondary Twos and empowering them to pass on their learning to the Secondary One students on the impact of environmental pollution. This is translated to a more meaningful VIA experience on the Secondary One students.

Outdoor Classroom Experience

Outdoor lessons are integrated within curriculum hours to facilitate greater exploration. Geography students form research teams, exploring micro-climatic study in school. Trips are made out of school for the Elements of Business Skills students to places like VivoCity, Whitesands and E!Hub to create authentic learning experiences where textbook knowledge comes to life.

The department is deep-rooted in creating opportunities for authentic learning where field inquiry is an annual school event. Consolidation of learning for the term is conducted through the conduct of Experiential Learning Programme where school-wide field inquiry is conducted across Secondary Two and Three students.

Future Oriented Experience

Committed to developing students who are articulate and confident speakers, exemplary of the Humanities disciplines, the department commits to training and sending students for the Model United Nations Conference in Singapore as well as sending teams for the Humanities Challenge organised by the National University of Singapore.

Leveraging on ICT, the department utilises the functionality of technology in the conduct of the Experiential Learning Programme through the use of Ipad and smart phones.