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Brief description of CCA

Netball as a CCA uses the National School’s Competition as a platform to develop a school team. In teambuilding, various values are inculcated so that Netballers emerge as strong, confident and disciplined individuals with a competitive edge.

CCA Achievements

  • Participated in East Zone Interschool Netball Championships for B-Division and C- Division   
  • B Div narrowly missed 2nd round, C Div qualified 2nd round and 6th overall in East Zone  
  • VIA for various organization (E.g Singapore Cancer Society)  
  • Friendly matches between East Zone schoolsCCA Training and Highlights

Trainings are conducted every Tuesdays and Fridays, timing as above. Additional trainings are conducted nearing competitions to fine tune the team.

Why Netball?

If you want to be developed into a fit, disciplined and confident student, Netball offers a platform for you to do so. Physical fitness is a requirement as netball is a fast and physical game. We invite serious athletes and ladies who are prepared to accept physical challenges to join us.


Teacher IC
Mr Md Roslan Ahmad
Ms Ong Jie Ying 
TeacherMs Nur Wahyuni
Mrs Jasmine Ng