Fencing 2017

Brief description of CCA

Founded in 2001, PRCS Fencing Club aims to nurture respectful, responsible and disciplined young men and women. Supported by a team of dedicated coaches, the training regime at PRCS Fencing Club goes beyond the blade to help our fencers discover what they are gifted at. While the development of skills, agility and coordination are important, PRCS Fencing Club also firmly believes character building will help realize the full potential of all PRCS fencers.


Achievements of CCA in 2017

National Inter-School Fencing Championship 2017

  •  Brian Yu Yan Kun (4/6), Bronze, Individual Men’s Sabre (B Division)
  • Jerica Tan Jia Wei (4/7), Bronze, Individual Women’s Sabre (B Division)
  • Overall 3rd, B Division (Girls)
  • Overall 3rd, B Division (Boys)

Novices Fencing Championship 2017

  • Yusuf B Abdullah (4/5), Bronze, Individual Men’s Foil
  • Valerie Recka Yiu (1/4), Bronze, Individual Women’s Foil
  • Jerica Tan Jia Wei (4/7), Bronze, Individual Women’s Sabre
  • Charissa Yip (4/5), Bronze, Individual Women’s Sabre
  • Siti Sarah Bte Ridzuan (4/7), Bronze, Individual Women’s Epee

CCA Training and Highlights

Every training session begins with a mass warm-up, followed by intensive mass footwork and hand-drills under the coaches’ instruction. Coaches also engage in one-to-one training with our fencers or pit them against one another to further hone their skills.


Expectation of CCA

We expect 100% commitment from every selected fencer who chooses Fencing as their choice CCA. All Sec 1 fencers should be adequately skilled in their assigned weapon and ready for their first competition towards the end of the year. Selection for representation in competitions is done by the teachers and coaches. We select students based on their consistency in training, attitude and skills. All students are expected to possess the drive to achieve in all competitions.


Teacher ICsMs Kris Chua
Mdm Bong Ai Wei
Mr Lee Teck Hiang
Mr William Tock
TeachersMs Siti Aisyah
Mr George Teo
Ms Divinia Lynn Tan